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About Server Status Checker

What is Server Status Checker?

In the event that your site is not up and running then there may be some issue on the server end. To check and see the status of the server where you site is facilitated then you can utilize Server Status Checker tool. With the assistance of our free tool you will have the capacity to check the status of your server. You can signify 100 URL's in the discourse box and check and see the status of the server. You will have the capacity to check if the issue is on the server end or not. Our device will demonstrate the HTTP code, the reaction time and the status of your site.

Some server status codes

  • 200 OK is great. This implies your server could return content for the URL you asked. 
  • 301 Moved Permanently implies that the asked for URL has moved for all time, and all further requests ought to be coordinated to the new area. 
  • 302 Found means the server has found a brief redirection. This URL ought to be utilized again for whenever, since it is just brief. 
  • 307 Temporary Redirect is like a 302, in light of the fact that it is a brief sidetrack and the same URL ought to be utilized again for whenever. 
  • 400 Bad Request essentially implies that the server did not comprehend what you were searching for. 
  • 403 Forbidden implies that the server won't demonstrate to you the substance, paying little mind to verification. 
  • 401 Unauthorized implies that your server won't concede access to the substance without approval 
  • 500 Internal Server Error is another disappointment that must be coordinated to your web host or framework manager. It implies something isn't right with the server.
  • 404 Not Found is a typical dissatisfaction, and may even be what you're checking for with this Server Status apparatus. This blunder code tells you that the document you were searching for is not found. Internet searchers require a 404 to know which URLs are substantial and which aren't. 
  • 410 Gone is like 404. It tells you that the URL you were searching for existed, however is gone. 

How to boost the performance of your website server?

On the off chance that you need to guarantee that your site is running 24X7 and need to support its execution then you can tail a few tips which we have shared underneath. These tips will help you in boosting the execution of your web server. 

  1. On the off chance that you are utilizing Apache server on your site ensure that the most recent variant of Apache is introduced. This is the main thing which you have to consider as new forms of Apache are propelled every now and then. Regardless of the possibility that there are bug fixes, you have to introduce the most recent upgrade as it won't just help you in boosting the execution of the web server additionally evacuating every one of the vulnerabilities. Ensure that you have gone down your present arrangement before you upgrade the apache server to be on a more secure side. 
  2. Don't just update the apache server additionally the part. Ensure that your server is having portion 2.4 or above introduced on it. In the event that you are utilizing a piece which is above 2.4 then it is certain that the execution of your server will help and record exchange will be quick. In the event that you are amateur ensure that you are taking help of somebody as overhauling the piece of a site is somewhat confused procedure. 

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