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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

What is Robots.txt Generator?

At the point when internet searchers slither a webpage, they first search for a robots.txt document at the space root. On the off chance that discovered, they read the document's rundown of mandates to see which registries and records, assuming any, are obstructed from slithering. This document can be made with a robots.txt record generator. When you utilize a robots.txt generator Google and other web indexes can then make sense of which pages on your webpage ought to be avoided. As it were, the record made by a robots.txt generator resembles the inverse of a sitemap, which demonstrates which pages to incorporate. 

How to use Robots.txt Generator?

Making an altered/new robots.txt document for a site is simple while utilizing a Robots.txt Generator.
  1. To transfer a current record and pre-populate the robots.txt document generator instrument, sort or paste the root domain URL in the top content box and press Upload.
  2. Utilize the robots.txt generator instrument to make orders with either Allow or Disallow directives (Allow as default, click to change) for User Agents (use * for all or snap to choose only one) for indicated content on your site.
  3. Click Add directive to add the new order to the rundown. To alter a current order, click Remove directive, and after that make another one. Press Create Robots.txt button.


Things you need to disallow when creating a robots.txt file for the first time

In the event that you are making the robots.txt record surprisingly and are pondering what you have to prohibit then you can disallow the things mentioned below.

  • Login Page of your site.
  • The Contact Page of your site.
  • Inside structure.
  • Security Page.
  • Every one of the Media records which you would prefer not to find in the list items.
  • All the Image envelopes which you would prefer not to find in indexed lists.

How to optimize Robots.txt file?

You can tail a portion of the tips specified underneath which will help you in optimizing the robots.txt file.

  • In the event that you are going to test a grammar in robots.txt document Exclusion we recommend you to include it at the base of the record. At the point when a web search tool peruses the robot.txt document it begins start to finish. In the event that the linguistic structure you have included is mistaken then the aforementioned orders will be perused and won't get overlooked.
  • You can without much of a stretch make basic explanations with the assistance of trump card order. The trump card mandate will deny every one of the examples which are found in the URL. Special case mandate is bolstered by several web indexes just so we propose you to include it at the base of the robots.txt record.
  • Try not to utilize robots.txt record to permit the mandates you need to list. The motivation behind robots.txt document is to specify the mandates which you would prefer not to get listed in internet searchers. So you robots.txt just for deny orders.
  • We trust that whenever you are going to make a robots.txt record you keep all the aforementioned tips in your psyche.

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