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What is Html Source Code Viewer tool ?

To discover source code of any site or site page you can utilize HTML source code viewer tool. HTML source code viewer tool is a free online apparatus which will get you the source code of any site. Utilizing this instrument you can get source code of your site as well as your rival's site.

The instrument is accessible for nothing and utilizing site page source code you can recover source code of boundless number of sites and that too for nothing. On the off chance that you are having the source code of your rival's site then you can discover which catchphrases your rivals have utilized for positioning.

As you probably are aware the catchphrases of your rival you can utilize them and get your site positioned in all the significant pursuit engines. To place it in basic words the website page is composed in a coding dialect which is typically HTML. The substance which is shown on the site page is content. The site content proportion is the real content which is found on the site page in admiration to the code which you see on your site. 

How to calculate Source Code of WebPages?

To calculate you can physically perceive how much content on your site is there versus the code. It can be truly hard to discover the site content proportion physically this is the reason we recommend you to utilize our free apparatus as you will have the capacity to figure the site content apportion inside a moment.

The instrument will remove every one of the information which is available in the passages alongside the grapple content which is available in the code. The estimations are then performed in view of these examples.

What is the importance of source code for a website?

Source code is imperative and there are numerous purposes for it. You can check some of these reasons beneath. 

  1. Meta Description is likewise present in source code of the site. Presently one thing which you have to deal with while you are composing Meta depiction of a site or a blog entry is that you ought to include all the catchphrases which you want to rank in the Meta portrayal. On the off chance that you need to discover what kind of Meta portrayal your rival is utilizing you can utilize it on your site too so as to get positioned in the web search tools.
  2. We realize that at whatever point we enter a question in Google or some other web crawler a great deal of results are shown before us. The outcomes which you see on the outcome page are title labels of the articles and posts which are distributed on your site. On the off chance that you need to discover the title label which is utilized by any site then you can see the source code of that site. 
  3. In the event that you are an engineer and know a touch of coding then you can observe the source code and roll out improvements to it. You can change the code and ensure that it is sheltered from any vulnerability. In the event that you need to roll out a few improvements or need to do a few changes which will give a superior UI to your site then you can utilize source code. 
  4. Source code additionally shows all the Meta labels which you have utilized on your site. You can discover the Meta labels via seeking the "meta" watchword in the source code. In the event that there are un-vital Meta labels present in the source code you can basically erase them as they are of no utilization.
  5. In the event that you need to discover the watchwords which are being utilized by your rival source code will help you in discovering. You will have the capacity to see all the watchwords which are being utilized by a site by opening its source code. 

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